Friday, 12 February 2016

We are about to launch the new 2016 version of the A20 Internet website. Just a few items to finish on phase one, so the site can go live.....

A great new portfolio section showing all our current live projects.

Unfortunately we have had to close two websites down towards the end of 2015, due to nonpayment of invoices. Of course we hate to do this but every attempt was made on our behalf to get the customer to pay the invoice in both cases. After 6 months of chasing with no reply it was time to act, I am sure we would all agree we acted fairly in both cases.

We currently have several live projects, and many more booked ahead for this year, we plan a big year in 2016, when the business will take a leap forward.

Many thanks to all our current clients, and all our future customers.

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