Monday, 1 June 2015

Hey you, reading this right now. Did you know that between 17 and 38% of readers left this page already, without so much as finishing this sentence? (If you’re still reading, here’s an Internet cookie for you.)
If the results here are anything like the test Slate Magazine imposed on itself to become it’s own guinea pig, about half of all people will only get through half of this article. By the time text reaches the equivalent of scrolling through three pages, only around 25% of readers are still hanging on. According to current Alexa Rankings, Slate is ranked 557 out of every website across the globe and 151 in the United States. That’s not a bad ranking at all, considering Newsweek ranks 4,903 globally and 1,822 in the United States. What is it that sets apart two similar websites so much?

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